Russian interpreter


Russian interpreter

will provide you with one-way interpreting. Our services include interpreting from Czech to Russian, from Ukrainian to Russian and from English to Russian. Bidirectional translation is possible on an individual basis.
Services of a

Russian interpreter

include, as follows:
  • Telephone interpreting (Russian interpreter executes translation over the phone);
  • Consecutive interpreting during business meetings, including foreign trips and travelling around the Czech Republic (consecutive Russian interpreting);
  • Simultaneous interpreting, including foreign trips and travelling around the Czech Republic (simultaneous Russian interpreting);
  • DLong-term interpreting at your office, including foreign trips and travelling around the Czech Republic (Russian interpreting at offices);
  • Accompanying interpreting services.

Given that no all the persons are acquainted with types of interpreting, we consider it would be appropriate to explain some concepts of thereof, used by our Russian interpreter in order to facilitate you making a right choice.

Simultaneous interpreting is usually used at international conferences where speakers have a word on their native language and interpreters translate his or her words in cabins, and therefore such an interpretation is also called cabin interpreting. Additionally, films at film festivals tend to be interpreted in this way. However, our Russian interpreters are able to fulfil simultaneous interpreting without technical equipment by whispering interpretation of the matter to hand. This type of interpreting is called whispered interpreting (chuchotage, in French).

During a consecutive interpreting, Russian interpreter waits until the speaker expresses his or her ideas, and will provide space for the interpreter to execute interpretation of subject. This type of interpreting is used mostly in negotiations of governmental bodies, entrepreneurs or business meetings. Statistical data show that the negotiations, where the consecutive interpreting is applied, doest not last longer then that ones where interpretation is not necessary. This is explained by the fact, that in the course of the consecutive interpretation participants exploit more precise and time-consuming sentence constructions.

Price of the Russian interpreter services depends on place, time and the terminology in question. Nevertheless, for approximate prices, please, see our price list.

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