Language study

If you are ambitious and you are not satisfied with the situation when you communicate with foreigners or read texts in a foreign language only with the help of a translator or an interpreter, we are here for you. Quickly and easily we will help you to fill up the language gaps in your education.

We offer classes (private lessons and company courses) of Russian, Ukrainian, Czech for foreigners and English for beginners, at the intermediate and advanced levels. The study shall take place at your premises.

Special language courses:

  • Russian for lawyers
  • Ukrainian for lawyers
  • English for lawyers (International Legal English)

If you are interested in obtaining specific knowledge of Russian, Ukrainian, Czech or English, such as business correspondence or arts and painting, we will work out a custom course suiting your needs.

Language lessons and courses take place in Prague.

Prices are subject to mutual agreement. The minimum rate is 250 CZK per hour on the condition that the lesson takes place in Prague downtown.

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