Price list

Work of a translator, in addition to plain understanding of vocabulary, requires good knowledge of the subject. In order to translate text well, the translator must understand exact meaning of words in the particular context, which requires study of the respective field. For example, to translate a trade contact, the translator needs to study the commercial and civil codes of the country of the source language; translation of a certificate issued by a doctor requires study of a medical encyclopaedia, and so on. Time spent on translation of a particular document may vary substantially; therefore, it is hard to determine a single price for all translations. Nevertheless, tentative information on our prices is provided below for your convenience.

Translations into Russian

- Ukrainian to Russian120 - 220 CZK/NS
- Czech to Russian220 – 320 CZK/NS
- English to Russian320 – 420 CZK/NS

Translations into Ukrainian

- Russian to Ukrainian120 – 220 CZK/NS
- Czech to Ukrainian220 – 320 CZK/NS
- English to Ukrainian320 – 420 CZK/NS

Translations into English

- Russian to English320 – 420 CZK/NS
- Czech to English320 – 420 CZK/NS
- Ukrainian to English320 – 420 CZK/NS

Translations into Czech

- Russian to Czech420 – 520 CZK/NS
- Ukrainian to Czech420 – 520 CZK/NS
- English to Czech420 – 520 CZK/NS

Russian interpreter

 up to 4 hoursover 4 hours
- consecutive interpretingfrom 700 CZK/hourfrom 600 CZK/hour
- simultaneous interpretingfrom 900 CZK/hourfrom 800 CZK/hour

NS (normostrana) refers to one standard page consisting of 1,800 characters including spaces. The definition of NS is provided by ordinance No. 37/1967 Coll. – Section 2 of Article 24, of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

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